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Twelve Questions: Bill Haley

Bill HaleyWith more than 2,000 commercial credits to his name over the past 20 years, Bill Haley is one of the region’s most prolific media makers. HeĀ  is an award-winning producer/director and principal of Allied Pixel, a digital media production firm that connects the dots between video and interactive. He’s also one of the founders of Bill lives in Chadds Ford with his wife Rebecca, two kids and numerous pets. Contact him at

1. What kind of kid were you?

Shy. I was the kid at the birthday party who was standing in the corner, wondering when I could go home. I spent a lot of time riding around on my bike, thinking about things. Continue reading →

Responsive Web Design

The majority of web viewing today is done from mobile devices, not desktops. Is your website ready? Bill Haley explains how Responsive Web Design can make your website look good on any device — even those that haven’t been invented yet.

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Bill Haley is President, Interactive of Allied Pixel, an integrated media production firm in the Philadelphia area. Find out more about Allied Pixel at