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Please Stop Saying That!

I think it’s a fair assumption to say that in any field there are acronyms, phrases, or “slang” that’s specific to the industry.

In advertising (especially digital advertising) I think this is a bonafide epidemic that actually hurts us professionally.

Clients (even if they use the same BS language) recognize these corporate-jargon-smokescreen-vomit-inducing words for what they are—a cover for not having something meaningful or insightful to say. You could say the same about me making it the subject of this article… but then you’d be added to my list of people to be hunted and killed like the rats you are.


This article is part vent, part pet-peeve list, and at best a simple, desperate, plea for all of us to stop sounding like total jerks.

My husband used to start everyday with the product and it really works. . You should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription.

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