Video Makes Cents or From Earthquake to Hollywood or Entrepreneur Finds Hollywood in Malvern

VideoNet, Inc. is a subchapter S corporation located in Malvern, Pa – 23 miles west of Philadelphia. We specialize in two things: We provide daily video crews buy cialis tabs for hire for broadcast television or corporate video shoots; and we assist small to medium sized companies with full service video production needs.  Jason Miller and I become your trusted advisors, with seamless integration and a fresh perspective to address client pain points to provide faster sales cycles, fewer losses to the competition, and a thicker pipeline.

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By Ron Strobel

Though my wife and I both grew up in this area we moved to Southern California in 1971. We lived there until our house came down in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. IT was then that we moved back here to Malvern and started VideoNet, Inc. I called it VideoNet because it kind of sounded like Internet, and the internet was this little thing starting up back then, way before websites! For the next 17 years we’ve been providing companies, both large and small, with video solutions to certain business challenges.

We bring a distinct advantage to the table, because prior to founding VideoNet I was the CEO of a thriving west coast corporation and took a leap to pursue his passion for movie making. After receiving several national awards for excellence, I leveraged television successes with ESPN, CNN, Disney and others, into now helping corporate America. I understand the challenges business executives face every day and how we can fit into any company’s overall marketing strategy.

Once we gain an understanding of your business, we identify where video might provide a true competitive advantage; then, if we determine a business fit, we will take you from concept to finished product in a headache-free, well-paced manner. We bring a baked-in realism to the 21st century business world, responsible for more than 100 video shoots per year for 16 years, satisfying more than 250 clients worldwide with all aspects of corporate video production. I have also authored the book, Video Makes Cents.

I have directed six independent films and worked with many celebrities including Bruce Willis, Colin Powell, George W. Bush and Tim McGraw, to name a few. I have won six Bronze Telly Awards for excellence including cinematography and Art Direction, been a winner at numerous film festivals including: The Millennium Competition, U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2003,/2001/1999 &1995 Philadelphia Int. Film Festival, and Vision Fest Independent Video Competition. Also the Philly First Glance 6, Santa Barbara Int. Film Festival, Palms Springs Film Festival, Summit Creative Silver Award, and finalist at the Int. Media New York Festival.

As a mountain climber, I am driven to conquer serious challenges. I take the time necessary to understand a client’s challenges and then provide an intelligent video solution that will produce the outcome they want.

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